Crane Lifting & Load testing Inspection Services

Crane Lifting & Load testing Inspection Services

Cranes and other aerial lifting equipment used on construction sites or by tree-trimmers, electricians repairing power lines and rescue workers must be strictly maintained to meet all performance and safety standards required to ensure reliable service and protect personnel working in dangerous situations.

In line with national and/or international recommendations for annual inspection of aerial lifting equipment, cranes and ground ladders, we provide extensive supervision and certification services.

VESCO inspectors conduct thorough examination to determine the condition of equipment in service at your facility or construction site.

With our support, you can be certain that your cranes and aerial lifting equipment comply to all relevant quality regulations and safety standards.

Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • Lifting equipment inspection (Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, Overhead
  • Cranes, Forklifts, Side Boom) etc.
  • Lifting tackles inspection (Slings, Shackles, Eye Bolt, Pad eyes) etc.
  • Lifting equipment operator’s certifications.
  • Load testing of lifting equipment with test weight provisions.
  • Earth moving equipment inspections & certifications.


Our Service Includes

“VESCO has one of the most comprehensive ranges of Lifting Inspection and Testing Services”

Mobile Cranes Inspection & Testing

Runway Hoist Inspection & Testing

Overhead Cranes Inspection & Testing

Swing Jibs Inspection & Testing

Container Inspection & Testing

Fork Lift Inspection & Testing