Water Treatment Analysis & Inspection

Water Treatment Analysis & Inspection

VESCO is a state-of-the-art laboratory providing all aspects of water analysis for environmental applications. Our lab conducts every water analysis project in accordance with ISO 17381. We support a wide range of aqueous sampling applications, ranging from drinking water, stormwater, wastewater, groundwater, and sediment pore water, and offer an extensive list of analytical parameters for aqueous samples. These include conventional water quality applications, regulatory compliance, water treatment, and site characterization applications for regulated and unregulated compounds.

VESCO VESCO Sewage/wastewater analysis ensures you are treating your wastewater properly. We provide complete wastewater analysis, helping you fulfill your corporate social responsibilities with regards to the environment and those within it.
Depending on the wastewater under consideration, a suite of various tests may be run.
These include tests for, amongst others :

• Bacteria and microbiological parameters
• Metal particles
• Organics and inorganics parameters
• Pesticides and herbicides



• Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

• Electrical Conductivity (EC)

• pH


• Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

• Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

• Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Our Services Includes

pH testing

Dissolved Oxygen Test

Chloride test


Salinity testing

Turbidity test