On Site Service

We Provide Timely Service at your facility for wide range of Instruments.

VESCO is committed to provide superior onsite Calibration and repair services for a wide range of measuring and Analytical Instruments. Our Continued growth and expansive coverage are a treatment to our dedication to excellence in customer Services.
We Offers the Unique On-Site Services Such as Flow Meter Verification & Calibration, Level, Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature, Humidity, Mass, Force, Dimensional, Analytical, loop Checking, Continuity Test, Valves & actuat

VESCO On Site Calibration Facility

VESCO onsite mobile instrument calibration and metrology laboratories are managed through our fixed facilities and are considered an extension of our fixed laboratories.

VESCO All on-site calibration services are covered by our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Mobile laboratories are stocked with the equipment and personnel as appropriate for your job.

Our Services boosts you with Premium Quality Facility at Your Doorstep

VESCO offers Solutions for All Types of Valves at your Facility

VESCO CT20 Containerized test Bench can also provide you a testing, calibration & Repair Service for all kinds of Pressure relief, Pressure Safety, and low-Pressure Vacuum breather valves.

Our Premium test bench is capable of fulfilling all your needs right at your location.

It can covers testing the Relief Valves with wide range of Testing Standards such as API 527, API 576, API 2000, ASME Section I, ASME Section VIII and other Customized Saudi Aramco Standards well.

VESCO Well Head Valves Services

VESCOis one of the very few providers of valve and wellhead maintenance services in Saudi Arabia. Our Multi Competent Engineers and technicians work on all types of actuators and valves, including ball, gate, globe and butterfly. Fully synthetic greases and sealants manufactured by Valve Serve are able to perform most repairs as Oil wells extract the raw form of fossil fuel, often mixed with corrosive acids and harsh abrasives which easily damage the wellhead valves.

Lubricate/seal and function test gate valves, Pressure test gate valves, Function and pressure test valve actuators, Pressure test casing/tubing hanger voids, Service swab cap, Thermal Wellhead Maintenance, Bearing Lubrication

VESCO Hydro Test Services

VESCO specializes in hydrotest services as well as pressure testing, drying, pigging, de-watering, chemical cleaning, and commissioning. Our experienced operators have been trained to diagnose any issue and resolve it quickly, saving you time and money! We serve industrial companies across a range of industries, such as chemical production and oil & gas businesses, with a process that’s complete, proven and designed to save you time and money.

Providing detailed plans in which we inspect your equipment, we determine the proper testing approach and then deliver documentation and proof of testing results.

Surface preparation

Our stationary yard equipment, plus our mobile units are the most practical and effective means of cleaning any surface. This is essential for good profiling and paint adhesion. Some of the abrasives we use are:

  • Sand
  • Star blast
  • Walnut
  • Wheat
  • Glass beads
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Green Diamond

With proper notice we can dispatch our mobile units to any location our customer’s request. As well, we have a contained blast area in our yard to meet the customer’s needs. We also use specialized equipment for certain projects that may have environmental, safety or health concerns. Our personnel are trained, qualified, efficient, safe and properly instructed.