Switch Gear Mantainence & Services

Switch Gear Maintenance & Services

We Offer complete maintenance services for low and medium voltage switchgear products and distribution protection & control. We carefully design switchgear service programs to address the contradiction inherent in maintaining any electrical power system – maximizing safety protection and continuity of service at the lowest possible cost.

  • GIS test and Commission
  • Air insulated switchgear for MV distribution systems up to 13.8 “V.
  • Gas-insulated switchgear for MV distribution systems up to 34.5 “v.
  • Current Transformer Test with loop Circuit
  • LV Distribution Panel and Motor Control Center (MCC), in-circuit-breaker design
  • Switchgear Cleaning, Repair, and Troubleshooting
  • Main Ring Unit
  • Meter and Transducer Testing and Calibration
  • Modifications

Testing & Commission services for GIS up to 230 KV

  • Sf6 Purit
  • ySF6 Leakage
  • SF6 Dew Point
  • Contact resistance
  • Circuit Breaker Opening & Closing Timing
  • CT Test
  • Sf6 Density Gauge Calibration


High Voltage System

Low Voltage System

Loop Checking

Glanding Termination